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We are a family of five that believes in family first. This belief is founded on the idea that there are a great many things to be learned, shared, and passed down to the next generation. We believe that it helps to mold a child into a more rounded person when they have that immediate access. Our belief in this idea is so strong that we are actively working on moving to a point financially where both mother-in-laws will hopefully one day be able to live with us full time.

Welp, here at Cats' N Bearz we try to be as real and honest with our readers as possible. Our point of view is that mothers are the faceless do it all's in every family. There are a million and one things that get accomplished in every household worldwide that is completed by mothers with little to no fanfare. Within each household there are times when those little things, that add up very quickly, that seem to magically complete themselves are taken for granted. Hence one of the reasons why I am faceless in all my photos. It is because a mother's work often comes without acknowledgment. As an adult I can now appreciate all of my mother's and grandmothers' hard work that I never recognized.

This questions answer is along the same lines of that of Momma C. Most of the pictures of Poppa B are of his body or pictures with his side profile. The reasoning behind this is because most male figures in the family are the fix it or do it types. That is definitely true of our family (of course with a little sweet cajoling and reminders from Momma C!). So, what you will see is artistic and side shots that construe his personality and what his value is to the Cats' N Bearz family.



There are a million reasons why the Cats' N Bearz children are featured in the pictures and videos, but I will give you a couple of the most important ones. First, they don't have any pictures with their parents as a way to protect their privacy once they get older. It will be harder to trace it back to them as adults especially if there aren't any pictures of them with their parents. Next, the idea is that in most family's children become the center as soon as they are introduced within it. As we all know that can be a good or bad thing if there is not a proper balance. Finally, who doesn't love children and sweet photos of them!

Here at Cats' N Bearz we have tried to fashion our blog in the most realistic tone that is possible. By doing that we show that our interests, hobbies, and pursuits are varied just as it is in your family. Since we homeschool it offers us a direct and immediate insight into what they enjoy & are exposed to at all times. This gives us more leeway to cultivate their interests even if those interests only last for a day. So, we want to share all of those little moments with you all because that is what's real life is. Therefore we wouldn't be true to ourselves & ideals if we didn't maintain a level of openness and honesty with you. 


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