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We are a family that believes in family first. Momma C grew up the child of two extremely large extended families; consequently she has more than 100 cousins from both sides of her family tree. This has shaped why she believes in having strong ties to ones' family and that its foundation is key to the development of children.

Sister Bear

Little Girl From Another Time

She is the driving force behind the family's creativity. She can often be found using everyday items to make toys, doll clothes, and other exciting things. Three things that bring her joy are sewing, cooking, and inventing just about anything that her mind can imagine. She is also a lover of jokes including those that have no answer. There is not a knock-knock joke that she doesn't love and enjoy sharing with everyone she meets.

Brother Bear

He is an enthusiastic boy whos' favorite thing is visiting his great-grandpa at his farm. He enjoys telling knock-knock jokes for hours on end; which was encouraged and cultivated by none other than Sister Bear. He enjoys being in the great outdoors and anything involving dirt. On this journey we are also learning daily that the kindness in his heart is more robust than his penchant for the most unexpected practical jokes!

Brother Bear Whistling and Walking to the Library

Josie Cat

Cats' N Bearz - Family - Josie Cat in the Wild -

He is the most precocious baby you will ever meet. His favorite thing is unequivocally drinking ah-me (milk). He is the unsaid and often unchallenged leader of the rag tag gang of three. Even though he speaks an odd mixture of english and some other unknown language he somehow is able to give directions that lead all three into daily mayhem and hijinks.


At times, it is nice to be included & feel as though you are one of the gang. If sometimes you feel left out of the crowd come stop on by and spend some time with us where everyone is always welcome!

Momma C

As you can see from the photo Momma C is somewhat of a free spirit (yes, we are going to pretend that socks with sandals is in the spectrum of hippie/cool and not fashion deprived). She has an extremely silly personality and can be found with the little Cats' N Bearz at every waking moment! Yes, that means that they are together 24 hours a day; now who needs a drink after hearing that! ;-] One of her favorite pastimes was once reading books, yet we all know mom's have little time to read. Over the years Momma C was physically active however as time has passed so has her fitness. Finally, she is back on the path of being as physically fit as she once was.

A Picture of Momma C's Feet Because A Mother's Feet Carry the Weight of the Family that No One Ever See's.

Poppa B

Poppa B Building a Basket Shelf to Fit in the Corner of the Kitchen

He is the quintessential grouchy dad of the family. When he is not teaching the kids to build something, taking them on an excursion, or playing with them at the park he can be found falling asleep in front of the television and waking up if you try to turn the channel. Somehow Momma C picked a man who has the exact same sleep habit as her grandpa; go figure! We are not quite sure what Poppa B's favorite things are or what he prefers to do other than being crotchety. Hence, that will be for you to learn on your own. Lastly, we almost forgot that he has a deadly funny sense of humor when it doesn't take him 5 hours to get to the punch line...

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