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Cats' N Bearz doesn't make any grand statements about being the first to try any recipe, project, or idea, however what we do state is that we have finally gotten that elusive recipe, project, or idea just inches on this side of your grandmother or mother-in-law giving their nod of approval. Contact us and tell us you funniest in-law stories.

We have been able to accomplish this tough but almost impossible fete of pleasing the majority of our loved ones with many years of trial and error passed on to each perspective generation. As a result, please feel free to drop us a line & share some of your own hard earned knowledge.

Everyone here is as excited to hear from you, same as you are to read our posts & social media content! The comments and emails from you help provide us with guidance of what you want to see, as well as what you are excited about. So, contact us to tell us your story or just say hi!




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