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Science Experiment #151 of #365 for 2020

In honor of the extremely horribly cast and all around disappointing live action Avatar movie this Science Experiment is dedicated to water benders! This experiment is dedicating to finding out if one can really bend water. We are going to explore if we can bend water, and if so what scientific properties make this possible....CONTINUE READING

The Great Emulsifier – Ms. Egg

Today’s science experiment was about molecules that were opposites and how to combine them. We used oil and water to show what happens when molecules are not attracted. Then we used other objects to check what would be an emulsifier. An emulsifier is something that allows molecules to bond that are normally not able to...CONTINUE READING
A tin basket with white filler and glass candles decorated with wrapping paper and ribbon.

Day 1 – Teacher Gifts for the Christmas Holiday from Mystery Momma

  Who doesn’t love giving gifts and having an excuse to embark on another craft project? I am always looking forward to the next craft project that flits in my ever moving imagination.   However, sometimes Poppa Bear doesn’t enjoy the various projects (a good portion of them crash and burn) nor the fact that…CONTINUE READING