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A Pancake Board for Everyone!

I had no idea that pancake boards even existed until my amazing friend “K” posted for everyone to drool over! It is now on our forever list as a bi-weekly tradition.

So, I give gratitude and thanks to her for giving me the inspiration for this pancake board and all future ones!!! ??? A pancake board is basically any type of tray with as many pancake fixins’ as your little ole heart can imagine!!! ??? 


A picture of bacon twisted before going in the oven

Bacon Twists


There was a woman at Hobby Lobby who gave me the idea to use tile as the tray and that way I can buy as many different pieces that I want and mix and match them. She says she uses them as trays and charcuterie boards when she has guests over!!! ???

First Pancake Board


My maternal Uncle & his wife came to visit feom Oklahoma and the Littles and I had a blast!!! 

Bacon Twists


If you know how slow I am then you know that everyone was chomping at the bit for me to hurry and plate everything!!! ???

I used blueberry and regular syrup, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, sprinkles, 70% chocolate discs, whipped cream, bananas, Nutella, and bacon!

First Pancake Board


Check out the rest of our website to get a look at all the fixins and the pancake recipe!!! ???


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