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How to Make Grandma Rose’s Mile High 2 Ingredient Biscuits

I try and make this biscuit recipe for special occasions and when my Littles are sad. So, on those special occasions I make these bright and early in the morning because they really fill little bellies well. It also helps so they are not breathing down my neck and I can have some time to...CONTINUE READING

How to Make Strawberry Mango Sangria

It took me years to learn how to temper the perfect Sangria! Ever since then I have experimented non-stop with different fruit combinations. I developed this Strawberry Mango Sangria recipe based upon what fruit was in season. The majority of all of my recipes I come up with are inspired by what is seasonal. With...CONTINUE READING

Science Experiment – Waterbending

In honor of the extremely horribly cast and all around disappointing live action Avatar movie this Science Experiment is dedicated to water benders! This experiment is dedicating to finding out if one can really bend water. We are going to explore if we can bend water, and if so what scientific properties make this possible....CONTINUE READING