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Why Cousins Matter and You Should Have Regular Play Dates With Them!

There is nothing more concrete than the memories we all have of our cousins! Those indelible memories of going on adventures and getting into scrapes together. The memories I formed from play dates with my cousins and other family members will be with me forever.

I grew up in 2 extremely large families. My maternal grandmother had 14-16 kids and my paternal grandmother had 9 kids. So, I have more than 100 cousins and the memories I have from being with them and some of the adventures we went on will forever be with me!

Lunch at IKEA

I always wanted our little Cats’ N Bearz to have the same fond memories of family and cousins that I have; not only the memories with my cousin “Ash” but with all of my cousins. The comfort in knowing that they always have a friend and someone they can depend on growing up and as adults!

Lunch at IKEA

Ash and I grew up spending summers and weekends at my paternal grandmothers farm. During those years we grew to be as thick as thieves and have an amazing bond together. There is something very comforting about having a connection with someone you grow up with and know you will always be able to depend on!

Oh the Fun We Will Have


Mud Time w/Minnie Mouse

I always knew once we got older if we decided to have kids that I wanted our little ones to be as close as us! Ash ended up having 1 bright little girl (Minnie Mouse) and of ya’ll know I have 3! Now mind you guys Minnie Mouse’s mom is often exasperated at me for the scrapes I involve Minnie Mouse in and the adventures I take her on with my Littles! So, I am sure she wants to give me a few choice words every now and again. But I’d like to believe we will be able to laugh about it once all of the kids are older! ???

Sexy Time Cocktail
Chili’s Skillet Queso w/Sausage
Cats' N Bearz

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