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Here at Cats' N Bearz we know how to make an adventure out of any activity! In order to stay active and healthy we normally take a walk everyday around our neighborhood. While on our walks we also pick up nature items for Science and Arts & Crafts Projects. So, now we have a wild bin of anything that can be found in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, said bin seems to be giving off an odd odor and overflowing so I see an Arts & Crafts Project day in order to dwindle down our supplies so I can clean out the bin and find the mysterious smell.   

If you are like me then you know how to save a buck and squeeze a drop of fun even out of the most mundane of activities. So, I am going to share a few of my tips on how to make a blank canvas such as a parking lot an underwater adventure or an abandoned castle! Anytime we pass a parking lot while we are walking we always stop and sit for a few minutes before playing. This gives everyone the chance to dream up a story about the parking lot. The person who has the craziest/best story decides what our play theme will be and they also get to decide one activity once we arrive back at the house. The ensuing stories from all 3 of the Cats' N Bearz always leads to wild giggles as each story is being told. 

I have found that giving each of them time to process a story in their minds plus the undivided attention of their audience when they are describing their ideas helps to build their confidence. This activity also helps to allow each of them to use their imagination and learn to share and cultivate ideas. I try and teach them that the most important thing to share are ideas and thoughts. A truly successful parking lot adventure is one where they have decided to mix their ideas and let me tell you it makes for a wild and silly adventure.

On this day our story was about an abandoned castle that we were going to be taking over and rebuilding in the middle of wintertime, but we had to hurry because if we didn't finish on time the dragons would burn it down.

Dreary Castle

So, I know this is a little silly but try it out with your kiddos; you may be pleasantly surprised by the ideas they come up with and the stories that they tell. Come back and tell us all about it once you have gotten it underway!!!

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